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85 to Ajo Movie

85 to Ajo

2022  |   TV-MA  |  

Genre: Drama

available in multiple languages
Director: Phillip Penza

It tells the story of a former fighter who lives quietly in a small desert town near the Mexican border until unexpected events change his life forever.

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1. Phillip PenzaDirector | Fire and Rain
Phillip Penza was born in Brooklyn, New York. Raised during the 60\'s and 70\'s he learned early in life that racism and hatred were very prominent and he had to either fight or run almost every day. Through patience and perseverance, he went to the military, to college, became a professional athlete and went on to become a successful entrepreneur. ...
2. Noel GugliemiActor | Training Day
Actor, Producer and Founder of independent film company Entangled Entertainment, Noel Guglielmi was raised in Los Angeles and first cast -- without a formal audition -- in a Taco Bell commercial at the age of 15. Discovered during an acting class as a boy, today he is one of Hollywood\'s most recognized faces with more than 150 large and ...
3. Audrey BethProducer | Scrutiny
Audrey Beth is a producer and actress, known for Scrutiny (2019), Fire and Rain (2019) and Water (2019).
4. Jason DeRossActor | Narco Valley
Jason DeRoss is known for Narco Valley (2018), Ink Master: Angels (2017) and Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2006).
5. Matt BroomeActor | Last Comic Standing
Matt Broome is an actor, known for Last Comic Standing (2003), How to Be a Grown Up (2014) and Peach Cobbler (2021).
6. Sasha MilanActor | Hammer
Sasha Milan is known for Hammer (2016), The Unjust (2008) and 85 to Ajo.
7. Bo BarronActor | 85 to Ajo
Bo Barron was born on August 14, 1975 in Ajo, Arizona, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for 85 to Ajo, The Anarchist Cookbook (2002) and Barney: Rhyme Time Rhythm (2000).
8. Toni L. MitchellActress | Real Blood: The True Beginning
Toni L. Mitchell is known for Real Blood: The True Beginning (2015), 10 Eyes (2022) and My Name Is Nobody (2014).
9. Jesse MurphyActor | Evil Good
Jesse Murphy is an actor and producer, known for Evil Good (2022), Redemption: Based on a true story (2023) and The Dark Side Of Opulent III (2021).
10. Selena VillalobosActress | 85 to Ajo
Selena Villalobos is known for 85 to Ajo, 10 Eyes (2022) and Water 2: The Cleansing (2020).
11. Michael MontgomeryActor | Superman vs Doomsday
Michael Montgomery II was born in Carthage, Texas, to Rosie Walker, a Hall Of Fame Basketball Player, and Michael Montgomery Sr., native of Omaha, Nebraska. He grew up in a middle class area in East Texas. Michael attended the Center High School located in the Center, Texas. He earned All State in football and basketball and was honor a full ...
12. Micky MannActor | Be Our Guests
Micky Mann is known for Be Our Guests (2019), 85 to Ajo and Artist of the Valley (2021).
13. Byron FurrowActor | 85 to Ajo
Byron Furrow is known for 85 to Ajo.
14. Deana MoodyActress | Dark Patriot
Deana Moody is known for Dark Patriot (2021), The Auction 2: Time to Collect (2021) and Instant Karma (2021).
15. Guillermo GutierrezLocation Management | SHELL
Guillermo Gutierrez is known for SHELL (2022) and 85 to Ajo.
16. Jim ReimanActor | 85 to Ajo
Jim Reiman is known for 85 to Ajo.
17. Nicholas TuckerActor | 10 Eyes
Nicholas Tucker is known for 10 Eyes (2022), Water 2: The Cleansing (2020) and 85 to Ajo.
18. Matteo GutierrezActor | 85 to Ajo
Matteo Gutierrez is known for 85 to Ajo.
19. Monie JonezyActor | 10 Eyes
Monie Jonezy is known for 10 Eyes (2022) and 85 to Ajo.
20. Gabriel CooperActor | 85 to Ajo
Gabriel Cooper is known for 85 to Ajo.
21. Frankie GraciaActor | 85 to Ajo
Frankie Gracia is known for 85 to Ajo.
22. Desiree BidotActress | 85 to Ajo
Desiree Bidot is known for 85 to Ajo.
23. Sergio HernandezActor | 85 to Ajo
Sergio Hernandez is known for 85 to Ajo.
24. Manuel EsquivelActor | Water 2: The Cleansing
Manuel Esquivel is an actor, known for Water 2: The Cleansing (2020), 85 to Ajo and Torn Apart: Separated at the Border (2019).
25. Isaac G. BarajasActor | 85 to Ajo
Isaac G. Barajas is known for 85 to Ajo.
26. Arturo PerezActor | 85 to Ajo
Arturo Perez is an actor, known for 85 to Ajo and Boyz from the Streets (2021).
27. Jasmine MaciasActress | 85 to Ajo
Jasmine Macias is known for 85 to Ajo.
28. Mark BustosActor | 85 to Ajo
Mark Bustos is known for 85 to Ajo and Street Cuts: Apache (2015).
29. Bridget RendonActress | 85 to Ajo
Bridget Rendon is known for 85 to Ajo.
30. Efren CordobaCamera and Electrical Department | The Sand
Efren Cordoba is known for The Sand (2015), Dukes and the Dutchess (2009) and Welcome to the Men\'s Group (2016).
31. Jeffrey A. KruegerActor | 85 to Ajo
Jeffrey A. Krueger is known for 85 to Ajo.
32. Destiny SpencerActress | 85 to Ajo
Destiny Spencer is known for 85 to Ajo.
33. Chuck JohnsonActor | 85 to Ajo
Chuck Johnson is known for 85 to Ajo.
34. Willie FarrisActor | 85 to Ajo
Willie Farris is an actor, known for 85 to Ajo, Scrutiny (2019) and Peach Cobbler (2021).
35. Roy ThomaActor | 85 to Ajo
Roy Thoma is known for 85 to Ajo.


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