10 Eyes
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Scrutiny - available on TubiTV, YouTube and Amazon Prime 

Drama, sex, relationships, murder, mob, dysfunctional childhoods. Based on true stories

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Water - available on TubiTV, PlexTV, YouTube and Amazon Prime

A young couple thinks they've found paradise in the desert but something lurks below the surface

New Water poster Eliza and Brody.jpg

Boyz From the Streets - available on YouTube and TubiTV

A mockumentary detailing the journey of four "ni**as from the streets" on their way to meet a big time Hollywood producer

Boyz new poster.jpg

Fire and Rain - available on TubiTV, YouTube and Amazon Prime

An unforgettable story of love, life, family and loss that will touch your soul. This movie tests your faith and belief in yourself

New Fire and Rain poster 3x4 with credit block.jpg

Water 2: The Cleansing - available on YouTubeTubiTV, PlexTV, Amazon Prime Video

After a horrific experience at their previous house The Yates relocate to a quiet private neighborhood, or so they thought

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Peach Cobbler - available on TubiTV and Amazon Prime Video

A hilarious adventure of social misunderstandings

Peach Cobbler poster.jpg

My Name is Nobody - available on TubiTV, PlexTV, YouTube and Amazon Prime

Struggles with racial prejudice, true love and loss, finding out what it takes to survive life from the streets of New York

Final Nobody poster.jpg

Real Blood: The True Beginning - available on Prime Video

A vampire story pitting good against evil. A lonely doctor tries to save the soul of a small town

New Real Blood poster Eric Massoud and Alex.jpg

My Name is Nobody - Book written by Phillip Penza

 A story of dysfunction, love, co-dependency, violence, racism and discrimination, ignorance and fear

My Name is Nobody Front Cover.jpg

Movie Madness - available on TubiTV, YouTube and Amazon Prime

A movie bootlegger stumbles into a theater of murder and madness after it's taken over by a demonic hitman

Movie Madness final poster.jpg

10 Eyes - psychological thriller coming soon

A young woman's struggle to find love and sanity as she survives an abusive childhood and battles mental illness

10 Eyes poster.jpg

You Know it's Love When - Book written by Phillip Penza

A compilation of feelings, thoughts, poems and short stories of love, relationships and life

You Know it's Love When front cover.jpg
85 to Ajo poster final with Manny.jpg
85 to Ajo - coming soon

After being forced out of his career and going back to a simple life he once knew, a former champion lives quietly in a small desert town near the Mexican border until an unexpected chain of events change his life forever.

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