Boyz from the Streets Movie

Boyz from the Streets

2021  |  | 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Reality-TV

available in multiple languages
Director: Phillip Penza

A mockumentary detailing the journey of four "ni**as from the m.f. streets" on their way to meet with a big time movie/music producer

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1. Audrey BethProducer | Scrutiny
Audrey Beth is a producer and actress, known for Scrutiny (2019), Fire and Rain (2019) and Water (2019).
2. Big Daddy KaneActor | Colors
Antonio Hardy better known by his stage name Big Daddy Kane, is an American rapper who began his career in 1986 as a member of the Juice Crew. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential and skilled MCs in hip hop. Rolling Stone ranked his song \"Ain\'t No Half-Steppin\'\" number 25 on its list of The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time, ...
3. Rima BryantActress | 10 Eyes
Rima Bryant is an actress, known for 10 Eyes (2022), Boyz from the Streets (2021) and Peach Cobbler (2021).
4. Ike CatcherActor | Incipient
Dreaming Big couldn\'t be a more appropriate phrase for this larger than life man who\'s no stranger to capturing them. Ike Catcher\'s beginnings found him as a child growing up in Austria. As a child he was as big as his dreams, already being described in his hometown of Vienna as \"huge and muscular\". Being a child that far outgrew the other ...
5. Jason DeRossActor | Narco Valley
Jason DeRoss is known for Narco Valley (2018), Ink Master: Angels (2017) and Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2006).
6. Bubba GanterActor | Game Shakers
Born in 1969, a native of Flagstaff, Arizona. As a high school football standout, he was awarded a full ride college scholarship. Unfortunately, injuries cut his football playing days short, which led to his entry in to the entertainment industry. In 1989, Bubba was called upon by his mentor Earl Gabbidon to provide personal protection to Country/...
7. Doris GistActress | Movie Madness
Doris Gist is an actress, known for Movie Madness (2016), Boyz from the Streets (2021) and Bikini Body Conscious Living (2015).
8. Terrell MathenyActor | Boyz from the Streets
Terrell Matheny is known for Boyz from the Streets (2021), Scrutiny (2019) and 10 Eyes (2022).
9. Toni L. MitchellActress | Real Blood: The True Beginning
Toni L. Mitchell is known for Real Blood: The True Beginning (2015), 10 Eyes (2022) and My Name Is Nobody (2014).
10. Jesse MurphyActor | Evil Good
Jesse Murphy is an actor and producer, known for Evil Good (2022), Redemption: Based on a true story (2023) and The Dark Side Of Opulent III (2021).
11. Zaid NoamanSound Department | Instant Karma
Zaid Noaman is known for Instant Karma (2021), Condition of Return and Ghost Town.
12. Phillip PenzaDirector | Fire and Rain
Phillip Penza was born in Brooklyn, New York. Raised during the 60\'s and 70\'s he learned early in life that racism and hatred were very prominent and he had to either fight or run almost every day. Through patience and perseverance, he went to the military, to college, became a professional athlete and went on to become a successful entrepreneur. ...
13. Arturo PerezActor | 85 to Ajo
Arturo Perez is an actor, known for 85 to Ajo and Boyz from the Streets (2021).
14. Cindy Snider RabenstineProducer | Fire and Rain
Cindy Snider Rabenstine is a producer and production manager, known for Fire and Rain (2019), Water (2019) and Scrutiny (2019).
15. Kamese RasheedActress | Boyz from the Streets
Kamese Rasheed is an actress, known for Boyz from the Streets (2021), Water (2019) and Scrutiny (2019).
16. Denise SpeerActress | 10 Eyes
Denise Speer is an actress, known for 10 Eyes (2022) and Boyz from the Streets (2021).
17. Nicholas TuckerActor | 10 Eyes
Nicholas Tucker is known for 10 Eyes (2022), Water 2: The Cleansing (2020) and 85 to Ajo.
18. Selena VillalobosActress | 85 to Ajo
Selena Villalobos is known for 85 to Ajo, 10 Eyes (2022) and Water 2: The Cleansing (2020).


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